OCF Workshop APRIL 9-10 - 2017 - Houston Texas $375.00

WHERE Fill In The Blank Studio

WHEN April 9-10, 2017

Cutting Edge Wireless Flash both TTL and Manual Methods - EXTREME HANDS ON Workshop

TWO Day Workshop in Houston, Texas at the Fill In The Blank Studio.

Why so inexpensive? Well we simply can afford to do it. We are not some new photographer who just learned this concept a few years ago by another photographer then throws it off as their own. We are one of the original photographers to use TTL and wireless flash and made it not only popular but a REAL solution in today's modern photography. You will have a hard time finding anyone with more Education and Experience in this field that us. We LOVE sharing this knowledge with everyone and find these small hands on classes are the very best learning experience for all involved. So don't let the price fool you - Just as PPAEdu, CreativeLIVE, WPPI, ImagingUSA, Texas School and more have trusted us to sell out classes around the world. WE WILL PACK this workshop full of education.

Set as a "Think Tank" classroom. TriCoast ENCOURAGES the students to ask questions throughout the learning day on any subject covered or not covered. This is the students time to learn. NO SECRETS are held back, because the workshop is limited to only a few students, this will be one of the best experiences for hands-on learning in the photography market today. No Fluff involved just straight forward, direct to the point, direction and real life usage of how TriCoast uses Wireless Flash in EVERY DAY REAL SESSIONS. Bring your Comfy shoes because YOU SHOOT and TRICOAST TEACHES.


Once signed up TriCoast will email you with details on studio location, items to bring and more on what to expect.

Also EVERY student will receive TriCoast Guide to TTL Wireless Flash (A $100 Value if purchased on its own) This will assist you in continuing the education on this subject once the workshop is over!

More Information please check out the link on our main page under "For Photographers" go to: www.TriCoastPhoto.com

Email us with any questions as well through the web address above.
Total Price: $375.00
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