Workshops Q&A Info

Before you register for a workshop...

Some previously asked questions:


What is the price of the 2 day hands-on with multi-instructors workshop?

At this time the Off Camera Flash Workshop is ONLY $375.00 per person.  We believe in giving EDUCATION not FLUFF.  You will have a VERY HARD TIME FINDING ANYONE WITH MORE EXPERIENCE BOTH IN TEACHING THIS SUBJECT AS WELL AS ACTUALLY USING IT IN A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ANYWHERE.  Many photographers charge a thousand or more for information they just picked up from other photographers saying it is their own.  We helped developed this concept and technique years ago and love sharing with others.  This is why we can afford to host a workshop at such an inexpensive price.  


This fee covers the workshop only and does not cover hotel , travel or dinner expenses during the workshop time.  These items are up to the student to cover.  We will have a light breakfast and drinks (coffee, soda, water, etc) 


Would you say this is a class for beginners?

Unfortunately, it is not. You should be familiar with basic camera functions such as aperture and shutter speed.  Basic working knowledge of your camera would also be helpful.  It's not that we're meanies, but there are a lot of material to cover, and time is limited.


What should I bring to the class?

Lets start off with a positive learning attitude.  TriCoast staff are always laid back and relaxed.  No need to piss them off.


What equipment do I need?

Camera would be nice.  Some empty CF cards.  Flash.  Laptop for processing.  Road flares.  Construction cones.  Handcuffs.  Feather boa.  Seriously this is a YOU SHOOT - WE TEACH workshop not a portfolio building one - so come ready to photograph.  A wider lens is a better option for learning process and lighter when carrying it around your shoulders all day.


What about software?

Our class (if time allows) will cover Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, the way we use it in our everyday processing and workflow.


What should I wear?

Matching pajamas or any other various comfortable clothing that you would not mind being seen in public.  Shoes optional but highly recommended.  Suits and Tuxedos will not be allowed in the class.


What about the images?

The photos you take are yours to do as you wish.  We do ask you to provide your favorites to the models for their hard work.


When do I get to eat?

When we tell you.  :)  Due to the inexpensive cost of the workshop, lunch and dinners are on your own,  However when we break for food, usually around noon generally on workshop days, also the class normally goes together. 


Will there be the pickled eggs?

Depends on whether or not we can sneak them with us on our travels.  The pickling agent tends to set off red flags with the TSA.


Can I hang out with you after class?

Only if you're buying the booze and sushi.


Do you have a randomly re-occurring newsletter?

Magic 8 ball says yes.  Check out TriCoast Stormwatch after you register.