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Over 100 pages of step by step instructions on TTL wireless flash – the TriCoast way.

Our goal with this publication, is to give you, the photographer, a no nonsense approach to TTL wireless flash photography. By laying out simple yet effective tips and tricks which TriCoast Portrait Studio has learned over years of experience and trial and error, we hope to narrow the learning process into weeks instead of years. Allowing you the freedom to create your art whenever and where you like. This powerful tool, when used correctly, can help to add a new dimension to your photography style and set you apart from others.

With a “No Secret” approach to our teaching, the sharing of ideas has been a key factor in the growth and success of TriCoast. We are not here to teach you everything that your Speedlite will do, if you’re interested in that we highly recommend you read your manual. What we are here to do is explain a bit about your Phottix, Canon and Nikon Speedlites, a system which we use on a daily basis to create our portraits using the TriCoast method of wireless TTL flash. With Phottix, Canon and Nikon speedlight systems explained in detail we want to make sure you understand it is not the brand you use but the science behind the flash that matters when learning. While this guide is based highly on our personal experience in the Canon realm, the techniques and method taught on the following pages work the same for Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Phottix, or just about any other brand of flash that uses TTL or Manual.

This is straight forward information without all the geeky add-on’s which can confuse us all in the long run. We truly hope the information you find on the following pages will allow you to grow and share your knowledge with other photographers who truly care about this amazing art form.

“I gotta say… that’s probably the best step by step writeup on flash ever written. I’m still reading it in detail, good use of images and detail insets.”

~ Kevin King – Inventor of Radiopopper
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