1 Full Year - Detailed Business Coach $5,000.00
Want to get an in depth detailed information on how we do what we do AND to examine and break down your business in a positive plan for the future.... This is it. Allow TriCoast to be your Business Coach and assist you in growing your dream. Weekly and Monthly conversations, breaking down all aspects of your business and giving you step by step directions on making positive improvements in your business. Be it "In Person Sales" "Volume" from Day Cares, Sport Leagues, Schools and Dance Studios, to Off Camera Lighting techniques as taught at PPAEdu and CreativeLive and around the world. This is truly the most detailed education TriCoast has to offer. Including trips to our studio to see how we actually do our job - trips to your studio or home to help first hand and more.

Monthly payment account can be set up if needed and please if interested in this please contact Mike of TriCoast for the full details. We want you to understand the details before spending any money with us. We know this is a lot of money for many people and we will do everything in our power to make this investment one of the very best you have done.

Included is our sales and marketing pieces we actually use in our business, Office forms of our workflow, if volume needs a full year of workflow software - www.FotoVelocity.com and more.
Total Price: $5,000.00
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